Hv On Wheel

QRO is not an easy task when it comes to the HV psu. The transformer is the most expensive part, if you do not find one at the ham feast or working in an industry that scrap things like this out from time to time.

Filtering capacitors for high voltage are cheap so is the rectifiers. HV cables can be cheap HV cables for the car industry or coaxial cables.

When it comes to the enclosure, it can be tricky. Material and size of course matters, but if you want QRO it will take some place in your shack. Moreover, if you do not what to build you can always buy an amplifier ready to go. Homebrew is most of the time a little larger than the commercial, but 100% commercial is not ham radio for real, is it?


I will build a new HV PSU for the GS-31b amp sm6why.n.nu/hf-pa-gs31b. I have the transformer I used for the 144MHz PA with an 8877 tube I made long time ago. The weight is 38kg or 83 pounds.

  • 230V in
  • 2X 2100V ac 1.5A out        

About 2.9kV, dc will be fine for the amp. Almost 6kV [email protected] possible. An X-ray plant is the original home for this beast, a friend called me when the R.I.P sign for the transformer was a fact.





Now the enclosure, how to fit this thing in a proper way? My solution, a nightstand.


Ok, get rid of the drawer and the legs. Mount wheels, and you are all set.



Now we have a home for the beast transformer. In the foreground is the started HV rectifier board.



I made the rectifier board from plexi glass. It is easy to work with and I had a piece available.







Welcome to sm6why.n.nu.


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