Future Projects

These are postpone to retiremement :)

There are of course projects you want to build, and there are projects that never happened. I have saved things through the years just waiting for the right moment to happen. I take it slow, and I am not in a rush.

However having different project going on is a quite relaxing thing. Here are some of mine:


A new 2-m amp with 2x GI-7b tubes. Expected output 800 to 1 kV. The HV transformers comes from a navy transmitter and can be arranged to deliver 2.1kV 1A. A nice project.




A 23cm cavity amplifier with a 2C39 tube. Expected to deliver about 100W with forced air cooling. However I will try to maximize output using water cooling. https://sm6why.n.nu/water-cooled-23cm-amp





Real QRO. A QY-5 3000A tube. Well, we will see if this project will be finished before retirement :)



Welcome to sm6why.n.nu.


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