Ericsson Surplus Pa

As always this hobby requires a bit of luck from time to time.

My luck at the 23cm band came when I came across a surplus 900MHz PA board. Thank you Per! The board consists of 2 stages, one 200W and one 300W stage. These stages can work toghether when needed.

The original board. To the left the 200W with SRF 8S9200HS.




After some cutting the board is free.




Now some tuning and testing. Many thanks to Per SM0DFP for your assistance.


After reaching 150W I decided that it is enough. 200W is possible to achieve. However my measuring equipment is not that accurate to decide 0.5 to 1 db increase. Better to be safe than sorry.


Inside: Dual 28V PSU constant 5A now working at 29V. Coaxial relay from ACE, modified to work at 12V.




The backside: Nothing fancy....




And the front view:




Now I have more than 6 db gain from my former status....





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