Adf Pll Controller

A simple way to generate signals from 35MHz to 13.6GHz is to buy a module from China. They are available in different PLL versions and boxes.


  • ADF-4351 (35MHz => 4.4GHz)
  • ADF-4355 (54MHz => 6.8GHz)
  • ADF-5355 (54MHz => 13.6GHz)

These modules can be operated with buttons or touch screens. This works when just a signal needs to be set and used. What I know is the ADF-4351 version the only one that allows to set the power. I made a simple software that can set the frequency, power and a simple scan/sweep function. The sweep is only 10Hz, so it is more a slow scan.

 You can download the program here:



Below a 5355 version and to the right a 4351.



Other versions are available, however they do not have the options to use the serial port for communication.

With a module as below I made a simple SA range extender.

. Spectrum analyzer range extender



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